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From the early years of the last century, the Röhrl family ran a hotel on the site of the former brewery on Stadtgraben, at the corner of Steinergasse, which was the first house on the site at the time. The ensemble included a large, very cosy beer garden with large chestnut trees and part of the production buildings of the "Brauerei Gebr. Röhrl". The "Hotel Röhrl" was an institution in Straubing, known for its good cuisine, the - by the standards of the time - upscale comfort for its guests and for the legendary Shrove Monday balls, for which the entire hotel was used.
The building, built in "art nouveau" style, has to make way for a new use at the end of the 1960s and is demolished. The hotel is moved to the present building.
The property, which today bears the house number Theresienplatz 36, was probably used as a bakery and brewery from the 16th century onwards, two trades that were often located in close proximity to each other, because in many cases the brewery initially emerged from the baker's trade due to technological similarities (handling grain and yeast).
The year of construction of the existing building with the baroque façade can be assumed to be 1726, which can also be found in the brewer's coat of arms in the keystone of the entrance doorway arch. At that time, the existing building was probably rebuilt and enlarged.
After a chequered history, the property came into the ownership of the Leser family at the end of the 19th century, who also ran a brewery, added some technical extensions to the rear part of the property and made the brewery known as "Leserbräu". The area of today's "Theresiencenter" housed the brewery's cellars and a hall which, as the "Leserkeller", was the venue for many events and celebrations. Today, the adjoining room "Leserzimmer" on the ground floor is a reminder of this period in the building's history.
After the end of the Second World War, Josef Röhrl bought the Leser brewery and with it the property for the Gebrüder Röhrl brewery while it was still in the "Reichsmark era". This is the term for the period after the Second World War, when - before the introduction of the Deutschmark - the old currency "Reichsmark" was still valid.
After the demolition of the former "Hotel Röhrl" in Steinergasse, the building on Theresienplatz was converted into a hotel in 1968.
Today's owner is the "Röhrl Grundstücksverwaltung GmbH & Co KG", which manages the remaining property after the sale of the brewery business.
The hotel has a lively interrelationship with its city: modern on the inside, quotations from Straubing's history can be found in many places in the form of pictures, which should encourage our visitors to experience the city as well.

The history
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